Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Am I Back???

It's been a long time since I was here. I've married, and now expecting the second one....anytime!! :).

Will I ever write in here again (I've already did, mind you, lol)?

Friday, August 04, 2006


It’s Friday, a potential traffic congested day, after office hour. Add up some rain and the taste would be perfect. People were always asking this question

“Bila hujan jer jem, aper keta kat Malaysia nie xder bumbung ker?”

I’ll always make sure to leave the office when it’s raining, not after it’s stopped. The road always cleared during that time, which derived the question above, why doesn’t other drivers went out during that time? It could be that they parked outside, but, all of them?

I’ve heard the government wanted to stop motorcycles from entering Kuala Lumpur to prevent congestion. That’s an idea that was OK. I mean, yes, it could help although I don’t think it would help much.

I went through Jln Ampang every morning for 4 years now. One doesn’t have to go there to see what the real problem were. Buses and taxis. That’s the top reason, for me at least, that congested the traffics.

Taxi drivers have special license. Yes its true. I don’t know who issued it to them but they have one. The license gave them authority to stop anywhere they want, without giving any signal, and without giving any thought who’s behind them. No, it’s not from JPJ obviously, more likely its from JTN (Jabatan Teksi Negara). Don’t bother to look for it, it’s top secret, only in Malaysia.

I’m a Muslim, and I believed that among others, you have to work without troubling others to have your income blessed. How many times do we hear Taxi drivers’ complaining that they didn’t have enough? The rates are too low they said, the rents were too high. How can you get enough, how can you get your income blessed if every day when you were doing your job people around you cursed you for what you did?

I understand Taxi drivers’ have to be alert to people standing beside the road, but all the time? Then what are the Taxi Stands for? Of course, some of the passengers have to be blamed too. They should wait at the taxi stand instead in front of their houses, remember, you not only troubled the traffics, but the taxi driver too. Others were cursing the taxi driver, not you!!!

Buses, yes, the bull of Kuala Lumpur, and we are the matador. The traffics were congested one day and about 100 meters from my car was a bus stop, with a bus already there, picking up some passengers. About 3-4 cars behind the first bus were another bus. The buses and I were all in the left lane. The right lane was flowing slowly but smoothly. The first bus has stopped the left lane.

Then the second bus started to charge right, like a bull, with the matadors on the right line dodging the charge. I was patient at that time, seeing the bus acting like that. So right now the right lane has been stopped too. I was thinking, the second bus couldn’t want to stop at the bus station, after what he did. I mean, that’s the reason right? For him to trouble others while going to the right lane.

Well, I was wrong! After the second bus enter the right lane, the first bus started to leave. Now the left lane started to flow. Keep in mind that the second one was only 3-4 cars behind the first. Then it happened, the second bus charged back to the left lane, into the bus station, to drop its passengers. As a result, both lanes stopped!!

What the f*%k is all that? That thing always happened, the thing lack was obviously patient. Bus drivers obviously knew where their stops are, right?

We should have more means of public transportation. More Putra and LRT should be built to accommodate people living in outskirt of Kuala Lumpur like Ampang, Segambut etc. When we have enough, please stop, if not, reduce the amount of buses and taxis entering the city, I for one, have enough of them.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Game On!

I’ve got to tell you that yesterday were the damn great paintball game that I’ve ever played. It’s the first time I’ve played at Kuang, Sungai Buloh and it’s my third time playing paintball, in fact, all my teammates were. Situated about 40 minutes from KL, it’s a long journey, but simply worth it. It’s one of the cheapest paintball games in Malaysia, with RM65 for 200 bullets and a large “battlefield”, you couldn’t find a much better bargain than that. However, rumours that I’ve heard stating that RM70 for 300 bullets in Gombak worth a checking. But that’s for another day.

I’ve first heard about paintball was when I’m still studying in Uniten. It was at Bukit Tinggi. Being a student, I simply can’t afford to go all the way there and paid for the game, who was way too expensive, even to this day. I’ve heard there’s a place somewhere in Sunway that lets you play for RM50 for 4 bullets. That’s simply bullshit! What are you going to do with 4 damn bullets? Or are they magic bullets I wonder?

The rules of the game are simple. I summarize it into two. Don’t ever lift your facemask during the game. Don’t! The momentum of the bullets could firstly, blind your eye, permanently and secondly if it struck your face, you will stayed in your house for two weeks, guaranteed. There are a lot of stray bullets cases that I’ve encountered, and most of them passed above or at the side of your head. Listen to the Marshals carefully, only lift it when you were asked to do so, meaning, at the end of the game.

Secondly, it was fun, yes, to shoot at people, but it would be very advisable not to shoot your opponent at point blank range, hell it hurts! If it’s a tournament, fine, you HAVE to shoot them, but during recball (a term for friendly games), it’s for fun, although the shooting will definitely NOT taking the fun out for the players, it still hurts. Friendly fire cannot be avoided (I had three yesterday from the same person), but it is good to be careful and aware of your surroundings. In short, please identify your friends well.

The best thing to do was (if the opponents’ back was in front of you, if you’re face to face, shoot like there’s no tomorrow, hahaha) go behind him silently and tap him with your hand or weapon. If he doesn’t comply and start shooting at you back, butt him with your weapon, hahaha, just joking.

The basic gears are the facemask and the gun. There’s an optional gears if you ever want one, camouflage suit, neck and knee guard etc. You have to rent them out.

I scored three kills, one capture and two hits yesterday. We played the standard game (if you’re shot, you’re out), capture the flag, capture the flag with the terrorist holed up in two houses and zombie, where you have infinite lives until you’re shot in the head.

The place was big compare to the last place. The last place was very small, about half of a hockey field, with bunkers scattered, and yes, I was afraid to go out. My mind couldn’t moved my body after it has determined that there’s 90% chances that I’m going to get shot if I ever going out of the bunker. There’s not much place to maneuver and you will know immediately where your opponents are and where will they be next.

However, in Kuang, as the place was very big, you could plan your move, there’s a whole lot of hiding places and hell, I even lead some of my teammates out yesterday and it was good to be at the back of enemy line, capturing one and shot one in the process.

I’ve seen guys and girls playing the games together, I even saw all girls battle out each other. I understand most people were afraid to play this game, afraid of being shot and getting hurt. I saw one of my friends yesterday, a newbie, his face was so pale. After the game, he admits that he was afraid at first, but after getting shot for the first time and realize that it doesn’t hurt much, he started to really enjoyed the game, delivering one headshot and received two in return, hahaha. Believed me, yes it hurts, but no one that I know playing this game ever quits when they tried it for the first time, neither guys nor girls. They always asked for more.
My team were going to kick each other butt again somewhere in September, venue either Kuang or Gombak, if it promised a more good time. We still looking for recruits to join us, if any of you out there are interested, either to watch us or to join us, you are more than welcome. Just leave your email or website at the comment column, and I’ll contact you.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Materazzi admits insulting Zidane

MILAN, Italy - Marco Materazzi admits he insulted Zinedine Zidane before the France captain head-butted him in the World Cup final. Materazzi denies calling him a "terrorist."

"I did insult him, it's true," Materazzi said in Tuesday's Gazzetta dello Sport. "But I categorically did not call him a terrorist. I'm not cultured and I don't even know what an Islamic terrorist is."
Zidane and Materazzi exchanged words after Italy broke up a French attack in extra-time of Sunday's final in Berlin. Seconds later, Zidane lowered his head and rammed Materazzi in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

Zidane was sent off, reducing France to 10 men. Italy won the game in a penalty shootout.

"I held his shirt for a few seconds only, then he turned round and spoke to me, sneering," the Italian defender said. "He looked me up and down, arrogantly and said: 'If you really want my shirt, I'll give it to you afterwards.'"

The 32-year-old Inter Milan player did not elaborate exactly on what he said to Zidane.

"It was one of those insults you're told tens of times and that always fly around the pitch," he said.

Media reports, based on interpretations by lip-readers, have suggested that Materazzi called Zidane a terrorist or insulted his mother or sister. Materazzi denies these claims, too.

"For me, the mother is sacred, you know that," Materazzi told the newspaper.

Materazzi is no stranger to controversy. He was suspended for two months for punching Siena defender Bruno Cirillo after a Serie A game in February 2004, and earned condemnation following a brutal tackle on Sweden and Juventus striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic in October 2005.
Materazzi was also sent off three times while playing for Everton in the 1998-99 season.
One Italian senator even suggested that Materazzi — also sent off three times while playing for Everton in the 1998-99 season — didn't merit selection for the Italian team because of his physical style.
Zidane also is known for having a temper. He was sent off for stomping on a Saudi Arabian opponent at the 1998 World Cup, while at Germany 2006 he was banned for France's group match against Togo.
Five years ago with Juventus, Zidane head-butted an opponent in a Champions League match against Hamburger SV after being tackled from behind.
Meanwhile, Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni accused FIFA of double standards, noting that soccer's governing body named Zidane as the tournament's best player after his head-butt, while Italy forward Francesco Totti was kicked out of the 2004 European Championship for spitting in an opponent's face.
"I notice a difference in the way in which Totti was treated after the spit and the way in which Zinedine Zidane has been lauded as a champion of soccer, even though he is held responsible for such a violent blow that it could even have had devastating effects," Veltroni said.
FIFA announced Tuesday it will open a disciplinary investigation into Zidane's conduct.
FIFA also said that the ballot box for the tournament's top player — voted by journalists — was open until after the final had ended, making it impossible to know how many ballots were cast before the match and during it.
Associated Press writer Marta Falconi contributed to this story from Rome.
By ANDREW ROBERTS, Associated Press Writer

Monday, July 10, 2006

Viva Italia!!!

Was it worth it to sleep at 10 P.M., woke up at 2 A.M., watched the game till 5.30, couldn’t sleep till at least 6, woke up with a headache, all this trouble just to watch the Italians beat the French? The hell it did!!! Against all the criticisms back home with the announcement waiting for them after the match, they did it, after 24 years of waiting. On top of it, every single penalty counts! The cursed of Roberto Baggio has ended, I think J.

They never failed to make it to the finals every 12 years, I kept my fingers crossed though during the penalty shootout. I’ve been expecting Euro 2000 playback, although it went a little differently. Here, the French scored first, the Italians catch up again with a header from Materazzi. Materrazi is a very important man in the finals yesterday, don’t you agree? It was he who gives the penalty to the French, it was he who scored for the Italians side, and it was he who make Zidane been sent off, and that’s an Inter player for you, hahaha.

Regarding the head-butt, I think Materazzi was making a joke. It was typical of him to make a joke almost about anything, although he has always been the one who’s been send off, but he was a great friend nonetheless. He kept in touch with Figo during the finals, and always texting Cordoba whose country failed to show up in this final. It seems Zidane doesn’t took it very well, and yeah, it shocked everyone for what he did, no one expected it, the ball was never near them at all for a start.
Anyway, it was a great first half, the second half sees both sides playing conservetaly, the only action that really worth gasping was during the time Luca Toni scored (offside) and the header from Zidane. During the shoot-out, I hold my breath during Del Piero’s and Grosso’s kick. Del Piero, after all this year, managed to not fail the fans again. He was a great player, although he doesn’t show much of his worth during world’s finals, but he somehow, an inspiration to all the fans. Viva Italia!!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Will they won the cup again this year for the 4th time? I don’t know, I mean, I do hope so, but hope mean nothing when you’re a fan of the Italians. They have entered the finals at 1994 and Euro 2000 and what do they get? Nothing.

The only thing that I could do right was cheering them all the way, though I would be lying if I say that I don’t expect anything from them. I do HOPE they win, but most of the feelings were kept inside, I don’t want to be brokenhearted again, as I have with Inter for the past four years.

I was smiling all the way to the office today, hah, that’s the benefit of an Italian fans, if the team loose, no one cares, but if they won, hahaha, I think you know what I mean.

The team this year didn’t consist of great players in my point of view. Of course, even filled with great players like in 1994 doesn’t give them anything back. I was glad when Lippi taken over the helm. I was curious to see what he would do to the team. Would he bring back the glory as what he did with Juventus?

In Trapattoni era, the players tell it all, defensive style of playing. I hate his style of playing. It was too typical, too classic. Italians have enough defensive players, why added the strikers to it? I was hoping for Zaccaronni at first, but Zac was too offensive, if he was on the helm, you would see the Italians played with 3 defenders, which is a very rare sight, believed me.

With Lippi, he managed till now to blend just the right element for both defence and offence. I was glad that he chose offend for the last night match. In fact, I was shocked; I thought that he would choose a defensive style of play, against Germany’s home ground advantage but no, he choose offensive instead. How often do you see the Italians, going into extra time, choose to sub all of his players with attackers on a single game? I can’t recall any, Iaquinta, Gilardino and Del Piero were put in while maintaining Totti, Pirlo and Gattuso.

It was a good game compared when they fought against the Australian. For the game tonight between France and Portugal, my best bet was with the Portuguese, when Scolari behind them, anything could happened.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Maskahwin yang Hilang

I’ve heard about this website and the book that they promoted. Maskahwin yang Hilang was the title. The books claimed that they could show a way for any couple on how to get RM 10,000 for the big day. It wasn’t through the pyramid schemes or MLM or so they claimed. I didn’t quite bother at it at first.

However, curiosity took the best of me, and I went to their website last Wednesday, bought the book online for RM 18 (7 days arrival guaranteed) and it arrived yesterday. Not bad for a Malaysian to produce such a book I must say. Although not as enrich as Rich Dad, Poor Dad it was not bad either. The book is more practical and reflects our culture.

It gives the readers ways to cut their cost of living and gives some suggestion to earn extra income. It didn’t encourage or discourage people to join MLM but gives an insight on who should join and who shouldn’t. Anyone can read this book from clerk to executive. Of course, the book was made for the bachelors out there. Rich Dad, Poor Dad was more American, not everything is practical here, but this book could.
However, most of the ways suggested in the book were familiar to me, some of them I’ve already implemented in my life. But to those out there that want to further their readings, this book could be good. The words were in simple BM. I give the book 3 out of 5 if you asked me. It wasn’t the best, but wasn’t bad either. Gives the link a try :-).

Kuala Berang Vs Taiping

My team lost last Saturday in the match league between Ansara Kuala Berang and Ansara Taiping. My boys were high in spirits, stating that the Taiping’s were bookworms, and there were no way that they could beat us. The stats showed otherwise, with 22 goals last season and a draw with Asputra last week, this team could deliver a punch to my team.

My team was just formed about two weeks ago. This was a third team that I handled. With the first team went well while the second didn’t. This third team was actually a fraction from the second team. My point of view with this new one? They were good, but not good enough. I mean, the players here possessed good individual skills, one of the best even. They consists of my juniors went I was in MRSM. My youngest player was born in 1987. However, they lack teamwork, which was expected for a team that has just been formed two weeks ago.

The first team consisted of my housemate and several Uniten’s ex-students, which were my course mate by the way. It was during the third year of our studies when Uniten’s football club restricted the entry for the Uniten League. Only those team who were top two in every group were allowed to participate in that year’s tournament. It created disgruntled among the team members who didn’t made it. They claimed that the team last year will remain last year, this year the team will obviously contained new members, and there were no contracts to bind any players anyway.

I was joking at first when I said that I would create a team consist of the “rejected” players to play friendly against the team that joined the league. Boy was complaining to others during our smoking break, and when he heard my line, he immediately phone the players he knew to join. I was dumbfounded, it was supposed to be a joke, but seeing the seriousness of Boy’s face, I dare not to sat otherwise, well, he was big, what could I say?

It was a disaster at first. I imported two players at first to assist in midfield and defend, they were good individually but still, we couldn’t win. Most of my players during that time were still average in skills, could play but still couldn’t produce much.

Then the two players left after we graduated. It was a year after the forming of the team at that time. Then, it was different. The team was growing at that team, we won and we won for every match we encounter at that time. We even joined a cup as underdog and we managed to get through to final. It was a glorious two years for us at that time. The players skill were getting better and better, and communication between team members were the best.

We lost the final though, and after that, things were back to normal. Most of my players left, furthering their studies or worked overseas. However, most of them were back this season, and a few more games we will be ready to go back again.
From what I’ve learned, the important thing in the football team is the team itself. Even Ronaldo couldn’t play in an unorganized team, believed me. For my third team, it could take time, yes, however, I calculated that it could be fast as the new players were talented. Well, only time will tell.


My company held a dinner last Friday at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, situated right behind KLCC. The theme this year was “Nostalgia” where we were advise to wore anything from the 60’s to the 90’s. I, as usual, wore khakis and quite formal clothes, representing the 90’s, hah!

Since I started work about 5 years ago, this was my fourth dinner, and the first since I’ve joined this company. It was different. The last dinner in my old company the top artist was Misha Omar. She mentioned that some of her artist friends warned her about my company. They said that the staffs there were very sporting and will be very glad to accompany any artists who were on the stage. They were right. Anyone that Misha invited to be on the stage, they gladly accept and they sang and dance with her till the end.

She was not the only artist that received that kind of treatment. Zahid AF2, Siti Norhaliza, Ezlynn and others received the same too. It was weird, I thought, as the artists who have performed thank all of us graciously, saying that that was one of the best dinners that they have ever performed. I mean, I thought all of the company dinner would treat their performing artist the same as my old company treat them.

Well, last Friday all the things I thought was wrong! Two artists came, hosted by MHI host (I can’t remember the guy’s name, but he was good), Salimah Mahmood and Anuar Zain. Seriously, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes that night. The receptions were very cold. Although people were cheering when Anuar Zain came in, it didn’t have the same feeling as the previous dinner I’ve been. Well, it could be a World Cup night and by the way, Anuar came late, during kick-off.

It was a bad day for both of them, I can tell. I went back with Sham and Doot, after watching Ayala’s goal on the big screen in the hall (they showed live telecast of the game after Anuar’s performance, it was the start of second half at that time) and rushed back home as fast as we can (they were no television at the hotel’s lobby, can you believed that? And it was a 5-star hotel).
We were quite shocked to see that the streets were empty. Dead empty. We could see almost no cars on the road, only taxis were roaming, searching for customers. It was as if Hari Raya was already here. Argentina versus Germany did indeed have a big impact on the Malaysians. Anyway, I watched as Italy beat Ukraine in the ass that night and it was a very good beating :-) .